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Email campaigns are a great way to have many touch-points with your prospects over time. The goal is to build trust by giving them value-add content on a regular basis until they know and understand your unique DNA.

Social Media marketing is unique in that you need to have content that will interrupt their doom-scrolling long enough to get your message across. This is a space where you need to balance clever/creative with clear that is not required on, say, a website where you can focus entirely on clarity.

People will land on your website for two reasons: 1. They found you on a Google search. 2. They discovered you on another platform (social media or a personal recommendation) and they want to know if you're legit. The goal of your website is to build trust, empathize with their struggles, and paint a picture of what success could look like. At the end of the day, your website is where curious visitors turn into customers.

Google ads is one of the most powerful tools you have in your paid advertising toolbox. Not only do you have to have solid content, you also need to know how to target the correct people so that you're not throwing away ad money on people who just don't care.

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