Every business owner needs to remember these 5 things

Not every day is going to be a winning day. Not every week, month, quarter, or year will feel like a win! You will have ups and down. That’s normal. You’re not a failure and your business isn’t doomed. Here are 5 things that I’ve learned to remind myself of on a regular basis, but especially when my company is in a slump.

  1. I am more than my job. I am an amazing dad, brother, and friend. My life is full of amazing people, crazy opportunities, and fun adventures. Even without my job, I am whole and complete. Making money doesn’t define me.
  2. I will never be poor. I live in a wealthy country with plenty of resources. All my basic needs will always be met. I have too many generous and caring people in my life for me to fall that far. Whatever happens, I will be okay.
  3. I have been through this before and we are still here. I am smart. I can overcome obstacles. I can solve problems. I can come up with new, creative solutions to problems I’ve never faced before.
  4. I am not alone. I have mentors and advisors around me who have probably faced this before and would love to help me.
  5. Busyness doesn’t equal success. Rest is just as important as productivity. Creativity comes from margin.

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